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A picture of a Flame Violet

Flame Violet

Episcia spp.

Also known as

Carpet Plant

Episcia reptans1 by [1] (CC-BY-SA-3.0)



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Episcia reptans0
A photo of Flame Violet
Episcia dianthiflora kz4
Episcia lilacina 2

Flame Violet Overview

Genus of around 12 herbaceous, creeping, perennials that spread through the use of stolons, also known as runners, these are stems growing at or just below the soil surface. Typically grown for their attractive, colourful, hairy foliage and trumpet-shaped flowers. These are usually red, but may be orange, pink, yellow or blue. Leaves are commonly shades of green and purple, with heavy, textured veining and often variegated. Many cultivars and hybrids have been produced.