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A picture of a Jovibarba


Jovibarba spp.

Jovibarba globifera Oulu 01 by Halava (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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A photo of Jovibarba
Jovibarba globifera globifera-2
Sempervivum heuffelii-1

Jovibarba Overview

A genus containing currently 1 accepted species of succulent evergreen perennial plant in the Crassulaceae family endemic to the mountains of Southeastern Europe. Like their close relatives the Sempervivums, they form mats of colourful fleshy-leaved domed rosettes and reproduce by forming offsets that readily root in addition to producing seeds from the star-shaped summer flowers. They are grown as rockery or container plants and in alpine houses.

Special features of Jovibarba

Attractive leaves