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A picture of a Lily-of-the-Valley Bush

Lily-of-the-Valley Bush

Pieris spp.

Also known as

Lily-of-the-Valley Shrub, Pieris, Andromeda

Pieris japonica 10 by Stan Shebs (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering
Frost Hardy


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a mild fragrance

More images of Lily-of-the-Valley Bush

A close up of a Pieris plant
A photo of Lily-of-the-Valley Bush
Pieris flowers
A photo of Lily-of-the-Valley Bush
A Pieris plant with red and green foliage

Lily-of-the-Valley Bush Overview

Pieris is a small family of 7 species of evergreen shrubs in the heather family. They are compact shrubs with spirals of lance-shaped or oval leaves that are often brightly coloured when young. Pieris flowers are produced on stalks and are shaped like typical heath-like bells. Some species are popular as garden plants for their year-round interest and are best grown in an acid soil, in a sheltered position. They tolerate shade well, which makes them useful in less sunny spots and woodland gardens. Pieris are native to East and South Asia as well as parts of Eastern North America and the Caribbean. Some are commonly known as Lily-of-the-Valley Bush or Lily-of-the-Valley Shrub.

Common problems with Lily-of-the-Valley Bush

Phytophthera root rot can be a problem.

How to propagate Lily-of-the-Valley Bush




By layering.

Special features of Lily-of-the-Valley Bush

Attractive flowers

Attractive leaves

Autumn colour

Other uses of Lily-of-the-Valley Bush

Their foliage and small, profuse, vase-shaped flowers.

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