A picture of a Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’

Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’

Tradescantia 'Tricolor'

Also known as

Spiderwort ‘Tricolor’, Wandering Dude ‘Tricolor’, Tradescantia Tricolour

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Full Sun
Light watering

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A photo of Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’
A photo of Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’
A photo of Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’
A photo of Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’

Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’ Overview

Tradescantia fluminensis 'Tricolor' is a herbaceous perennial cultivar in the Commelinaceae family. It is also known by the common names Spiderwort ‘Tricolor’ and Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’. They are typically grown for their attractive, lance-shaped foliage, which is produced in shades of green white and pink, with purple colouration on the leaf undersides. Delicate flowers are small, 3-petalled and may be blue, pink-purple, or white in colour. Highly valued as ornamental plants, these are grown worldwide and have been widely naturalised, with many hybrids and cultivars produced. They make great, low-maintenance houseplants with an attractive trailing growth habit that suits placement in hanging containers. Some species in this genus are considered weeds in certain locations and most plants in this genus are commonly called Wandering Dude or Spiderwort. Plants in the genus Tradescantia have until recently been commonly known as ‘Wandering Jew’. This name is no longer used by the horticultural world due to its historical use in supporting antisemitic stereotypes.

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Special features of Tradescantia ‘Tricolor’

Attractive flowers

Attractive leaves