A picture of a Spinacia


Spinacia spp.

Spinacia oleracea 14 by Krish Dulal (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Partial Shade
Moderate watering

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Spinazie vrouwelijke plant (Spinacia oleracea female plant)
A photo of Spinacia
A photo of Spinacia
A photo of Spinacia
A photo of Spinacia

Spinacia Overview

Small genus with 2 described species of annual or biennial herbaceous plants also commonly called spinach. Foliage is arranged alternately and often forms rosettes near the base. This genus originates from temperate regions in Asia, but has been introduced to other locations and some species are now widely naturalised across temperate and subtropical Europe, Asia and North America. This genus includes widely cultivated species, Spinacia oleracea which is consumed in a variety of ways including fresh and raw, cooked, frozen and dehydrated.

Common problems with Spinacia

How to propagate Spinacia


Propagation is by seed.