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A picture of a Ivy Broomrape

Ivy Broomrape

Orobanche hederae

Orobanche hederae (scott.zona) by Scott Zona (CC BY 2.0)

Full Shade
Moderate watering

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  • spring
  • summer
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  • winter

More images of Ivy Broomrape

A close up of some cream yellow Orobanche hederae
A close up of a Orobanche hederae plant growing wild
A close up of a Orobanche hederae flower
A Orobanche hederae plant in a garden

Ivy Broomrape Overview

Orobanche hederae is a parasitic plant species from the Orobanchaceae family. Native to temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere, including England, where it is often found near the coast. This plant is commonly known by the name Ivy Broomrape, it parasitises ivy plants in the genus Hedera and doesn't produce chlorophyll or photosynthesise. It typically grows to around 60cm in height, forming brown-purple to pink or sometimes creamy-yellow flower spikes and barely visible leaves. The flowers are small, less than 2.5cm long, they are coloured cream, with red-purple veins.