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"There’s perhaps nowhere better to experience the healing power of plants than at an Horatio’s Garden. This carefully thought out patch of Eden at the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is the second garden from the Horatio’s Garden charity, which creates lush garden sanctuaries on NHS grounds.
With acclaimed garden designer and RHS judge, James Alexander-Sinclair at its helm, you can expect the planting at Horatio's Garden Glasgow to be pretty special. Horatio Gardens are known for their sensory aspect, and this Glasgow garden is no exception. Fragrant herbs, edibles and blossoming fruit trees surround a central courtyard, where people can enjoy the tranquil sounds of the fountain and the sight of the birds flitting from the birdfeeders. As a vital space of recovery, reflection and recuperation, you’ll find individual pods for seclusion and privacy, while flat, wide pathways ensure the entire garden is wheelchair friendly. Head gardener Sallie Sillars perhaps summed up the aim of the garden best when she said, “it is all about planting seeds of hope, quite literally!” "
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The Scottish National Spinal Unit Queen Elizabeth University Hospital 1345 Govan Rd Glasgow GB G51 4TF

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