Tree Bumblebee

Bombus hypnorum

Tree Bumblebee

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Bombus hypnorum, or the Tree Bumblebee, is an insect with a steady distribution across Europe. Favoured nesting sites include the holes and walls of trees in forest habitats. However, when there are no trees present, they sometimes find their way into the lofts of homes. Additionally, they'll happily take residence in old bird boxes. They're short-tongued bees, so they're not too fond of flowers with deep nectar stores. Instead, attract them to your garden by planting small flowers with open petal arrangements. Heather, Raspberry and Blackberry are just a few of their favourites.


Tree bumblebees are excellent garden pollinators.


Adults: These bees are quite big - the queen is about 1.5cm and the workers about 1cm. The males are roughly 1.3cm and sometimes, the hair appears browner when compared with the females. The queens, workers and male drones have fluffy-ginger thoraxes. The abdomen is black and they have white tails. These shouldn't be confused with the common carder bee, who has ginger hair covering the whole length of the body. The common carder bees are variable, so can sometimes look a lot like the tree bumblebees. Larvae & Eggs: These stay in the nest where they're tended to by many worker bees and the queen. When they have developed they emerge as mature bees!











Europe and the UK; North Asia

Biological treatment

Bees provide a service to plants that's pivotal to their growth and reproduction. You can attract them to your garden by planting an array of native flowering plants, considered bee-friendly.

Chemical treatment

Pesticides and herbicides can sometimes be fatal to bees, so please try to restrain from spraying flowering plants, and limit applications to later in the evening!


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