Green Stink Bug

Nezara viridula

Green Stink Bug, Southern Green Shield Bug, Green Shield Bug, Tomato and Bean Bug, Green Vegetable Bug

Nezara viridula MHNT verte by Didier Descouens (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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A close up of a Nezara viridula southern green shield bug on a plant
Nezara viridula MHNT verte by Didier Descouens (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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Nezara viridula is not a fussy eater; they'll readily eat over 200 species of plant. Likewise, they will suck the sap from the fruits, seeds, leaves and stems of the plants they attack.


A major pest of agricultural crops.
These insects have an array of natural enemies that can help keep them under control.


Nezara viridula can be identified by their shield-shaped body, which brightens during the breeding season. They are camouflaged to look like a small leaf and can reach up to 1.5cm in length. The nymphs (young, juvenile insects) look like small, black beetles. Depending on the age, markings can vary. They generally possess black, red, yellow and green dots on the wingcases.


Leaf yellowing, browning and wilting. They can cause early leaf fall and fruit fall. Mealy textures on fruits and leaves. Their feeding sometimes leaves brown/black lesions on the fruits. Heavy infestations can lead to malformed growth.











Europe, Asia, Africa and America

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