Spruce Pineapple Gall Adelges

Adelges abietis

Spruce Pineapple Gall Adelges, Pineapple Gall Adelgid , Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid

Sacchiphantes abietis-e by Magne Flåten (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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A close up of Adelges abietis spruce pineapple gall adelges in a gall
Sacchiphantes abietis-e by Magne Flåten (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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Adelgids are insects similar to Aphids. Spruce Pineapple Gall Adelges are named after the gall they produce in spruce trees. Their feeding result in pineapple-shaped growths, or galls, developing on Spruce. They form around the larvae, protecting them as they feed. Towards the end of summer, galls begin to dry out and crack, which is when matured adults emerge and disperse.


Causes plants to produce galls, which although unsightly, don't damage plants.


This species of adelgid is easily identified from the gall it produces. Galls appear like 'green pineapples' that can grow to 2cm in length. Galls hold multiple chambers containing pale orange larvae. Winged females that are yellow are active in late summer. They lay eggs close to the buds of the host plant, which overwinter and hatch the following spring. The hatched nymphs begin to feed on the sap of the plant, producing pineapple-shaped galls.


Gall production can result in distortion of shoots. Can produce honeydew. Honeydew can encourage growth of mould.











Europe, Morroco, India and North America

Biological treatment

Damage caused by adelgids is often minimal and infestations tend to be tolerable.

Chemical treatment

Adelgids can be difficult to control chemically due to the waxy secretions they are able to secrete. These waxy coatings act as a layer of protection from things like fungi and bacteria. Likewise, host plants are often too large to treat completely, so chemical treatment can sometimes be ineffective. If you do decide to use a chemical treatment, it's advised to carefully read label instructions before spraying any product in the surrounding environment.


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