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Spotted Wing Drosophila

Drosophila suzukii

Spotted Wing Drosophila, Cherry Vinegar Fly, Cherry Fruit Fly, Fruit Fly

A insect on the ground
Drosophila suzukii (9902674845) by John Tann (CC BY 2.0)
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D. suzukii is a pest of many fruit crops, specifically targeting a wide range of summer fruits such as grapes and other thin-skinned fruits. The invasive spotted wing Drosophila females first arrived in Europe in 2008, they're now widespread across several continents! They lay their eggs inside the fruits of the plant which then hatch into white larvae. They feed on fruit ultimately making it inedible!


An invasive pest that can cause damage to fruit crops.
Are a food source for lacewing larvae, earwigs and anthocorid bugs.


Adults: Small, light brown fruit flies. Identifying features include distinctive spots on each wings in males and a saw-like appendage used to pierce the fruit on plants in females. Larvae: Creamy white and slightly translucent maggots that develop and grow in fruits. Pupae: Pupation can take place inside or on the surface of fruits. Eggs: Laid inside the fruit.


Detreating or damaged fruits, this can is usually in the warmer, humid weather.











Europe, Asia, North America, South America and some parts of Northern Africa

Biological treatment

Traps and lures can be used to decrease the amount of Drosophila that are in the area. You can either buy traps online or make them yourselves at home.

Chemical treatment

Pesticides can be used to control adult Drosophila, however it is unlikely that it will wipe out all of them.


A close up of some red Rubus idaeus fruits and some green leaves


Rubus idaeus

A close up of some ripe and unripe blackberry fruits on a Rubus fruticosus plant


Rubus fruticosus

Wild Strawberry 'Tiobelle'

Fragaria vesca 'Tiobelle'


Vitis vinifera

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