Grow from hardwood cuttings

hardwood cutting
Hardwood cuttings are taken from deciduous trees and plants (ones that lose their leaves in winter) when they are dormant between April and October. Hardwood cuttings are taken from well-ripened wood, and growth is made directly from buds that are dormant when the cutting is taken - the buds are usually visible. Unripened cuttings of this type will not propagate successfully and the best cuttings are made from the middle wood of the long shoot. Cuttings can take anything from 5 - 12 months or longer to take root and shoot be planted out in late autumn or winter.

1. Gather your gear

gather your gear
You will need the following: - Secateurs - Hormone powder Nr. 3 - Fig tree - Terracotta Pot - Light and airy soil mixture - Pencil and plant marker

2. Select your cutting

select your cutting
Take cuttings close to pencil thickness from the current seasons' growth - it will be mature and woody not soft and green.

3. Prepare your cutting 1

prepare your cutting 1
It is important to note that hardwood cuttings should be taken much longer than herbaceous cuttings as they take more time to develop roots and therefore need to use the reserves of food stored in the cutting to keep them alive through winter; 20 - 30 cm. Trim your cutting by removing all leaves above the visible bud

4. Prepare your cutting 2

prepare your cutting 2
Make a horizontal cut below the lowest bud at the base and a diagonal cut about 15 - 20cm away from the base above another bud.

5. Wound the cutting

wound the cutting
Take you secateurs and make a 1cm cut right up against the middle at the very base of the cutting. This will aid the rooting process.

6. Apply hormone powder

apply hormone powder
User hormone powder nr.3 for hardwood cuttings. Firstly wet the wounded bottom area and then dip it into the dry hormone powder a it to stick to the cutting. *Tip: Add a little bit of hormone powder in the cap of the hormone powder container in order to refrain from getting water in the trees container as well as avoid unnecessary contamination.

7. Plant your cutting

plant your cutting
Press your cutting half-way into a well-drained soil mixture which contains enough sand. *Be prepared to leave the hardwood cuttings in this pot for at least two seasons without disturbance.

8. Give water

give water
Water your newly planted cutting well with a soft rose nozzle on a daily basis for the first two weeks and less after that.

9. Take note

take note
It is always wise to make note of the date that you planted the cutting together with the specific name and cultivar of the cutting.

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