Propagate roses from cuttings

A close up of a flower
Roses are one of the most familiar plants in a garden with the most beautiful flowers. Few people are aware that it is actually rather easy to propagate them yourself. If you have pretty roses in your garden, you can make many more plants with our ‘How to’ steps. There are however two important things to remember: 1. Make sure that you never propagate from roses that have royalties or protective rights - this is not allowed. 2. Remember that roses from a rose nursery will always last years longer and be more resistant to diseases. This is due to a different process of propagation where the nursery will first root a rootstock and bud a rose cultivar on the rootstock.

1. Cut your shoots

Start by looking for healthy rose shoots (about pencil thickness or thicker) and cut them in lengths of 15-20cm.

2. Remove leaves and flowers

Remove any flowers from the cutting and all leaves on the bottom half of the cutting.

3. Make a cut

It is important to always make the cut to the rose stem at a slight angle to help water run-off and prevent diseases at the top of the cutting. Make an extra cut into the bottom of the stem, about 1 cm in length. This will enlarge the wounded area in order to absorb more hormone powder and increase the area to callus and grow roots. If you are making use of hormone powder, apply this immediately to the cutting after making the cut.

4. Place your cutting

Now is the time to place your rose cuttings in a well-draining soil mix into a pot or either, directly in the soil.

5. Group cuttings

The closer you group your cuttings together, the more you will maximize space whilst allowing the cuttings to shelter each other.

6. Give water

Water well after you have planted your cuttings and repeat watering daily until the roots are well established.

7. Replant rooted cuttings

Replant the rooted cuttings while dormant (usually during winter time when they dropped their leaves) into individual pots for another year before planting them into the garden or rose bed. It can take 2-3 years before a flower appears! Gardening is patience.

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A red rose on a Rosa plant


Rosa spp.

Rosa 'Harison's Yellow', sect. Pimpinellifoliae. Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid

Rosa harisonii

Rosa harisonii

Rosa arvensis

Rosa arvensis

Rosa arvensis

Prickly Rose

Rosa acicularis

Rosa acicularis

ロサ キネンシス Rosa chinensis

Rosa chinensis

Rosa chinensis

Pasture Rose (Rosa carolina), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Rosa carolina

Rosa carolina

Hulthemia Persica (Rosa persica). Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Rosa persica

Rosa persica

Nootka Rose (Rosa nutkana)

Rosa nutkana

Rosa nutkana

Rosa stellata ssp. mirifica at San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, San Jose, CA, USA

Rosa stellata

Rosa stellata

Rosa sericea subsp. omeiensis f. pteracantha

Rosa sericea

Rosa sericea

Rosa palustris

Rosa palustris

Rosa palustris

Rosa setigera

Rosa setigera

Rosa arkansana, the Wild Prairie Rose.  In flower bed outside the Department of Biology, University of North Dakota.

Rosa arkansana

Rosa arkansana

English:   apple rose

Rosa villosa

Rosa villosa

Species: Rosa damascenaFamily: RosaceaeCultivar: Rose de Resht
Image No. 6

Rosa damascena

Rosa damascena

Rosa bracteata

Rosa bracteata

Divlja ruža u Rijeci

Rosa corymbifera

Rosa corymbifera

Rosa dumalis

Rosa dumalis

Rosa dumalis

Rosa blanda, sect. Cassiorhodon. Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid.

Rosa blanda

Rosa blanda

Rosa alba unknown cultivar

Rosa alba

Rosa alba

Photo of Rosa minutifolia at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Berkeley, California

Rosa minutifolia

Rosa minutifolia

Rosa gallica

Rosa gallica

Rosa multiflora

Rosa multiflora

The Cherokee Rose Rosa laevigata, state flower of Georgia

Rosa laevigata

Rosa laevigata

Rosa luciae var. luciae (syn. Rosa wichuraiana), sect. Synstylae. Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

Rosa luciae

Rosa luciae

Photographed at BioTrek, Pomona, CA.

Rosa californica

Rosa californica

Photo of Rosa pisocarpa at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Berkeley, California

Rosa pisocarpa

Rosa pisocarpa

Flower of a Virginia Rose (Rosa virginiana) at Helsinki Botanical Garden

Rosa virginiana

Rosa virginiana

A close up of a Rosa 'Rock & Roll' flower

Rosa 'Rock & Roll'

Rosa 'Rock & Roll'

Rosa sericea ssp. morrisonensis

Rosa sericea ssp. morrisonensis

Ramanas Rose

Rosa rugosa

A pink Rosa majalis flower on a plant

Cinnamon Rose

Rosa majalis

Dog Rose

Rosa canina

Some pink Rosa moyesii flowers on a plant

Moyes Rose

Rosa moyesii

Rosa fedtschenkoana

Fedtschenko Rose (Of Gardens)

Rosa fedtschenkoana

A close up of a red Rosa 'Altissimo' flower with green leaves

Rose 'Altissimo'

Rosa 'Altissimo'

Scotch Rose

Rosa spinosissima

Burr Rose

Rosa roxburghii

Red-Leaved Rose

Rosa glauca

A close up of some white pink Rosa 'Sombreuil' double flowers

Rose 'Sombreuil'

Rosa 'Sombreuil'

Banksia Rose

Rosa banksiae

Rosa rubiginosa flower

sweet briar

Rosa rubiginosa

Pink Rose (Rosa rubiginosa)

Eglantine Rose

Rosa eglanteria

A close up of a Rosa 'Baccará' flower

Rose 'Baccara'

Rosa 'Baccará'

A close up of a bunch of pink Rosa 'Constance Spry' flowers

Rose 'Constance Spry'

Rosa 'Constance Spry'

Rose 'Kiftsgate'

Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate'

English Rose

Rosa 'William Morris'

A close up of a Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue' purple flower

Shrub Rose 'Rhapsody In Blue'

Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue'

Old Glory Rose

Rosa 'Gloire de Dijon'

A close up of a Rosa Emily Brontë flower

English Shrub Rose 'Emily Brontë'

Rosa 'Emily Brontë'

Image coming soon text on a white background with floral imagery around the edges

English Rose

Rosa 'Alnwick Castle'

Rose 'Iceberg'

Rosa 'Iceberg'

Rose 'Lamarque'

Rosa 'Lamarque'

Gülilah Rose

Rosa 'Gülilah'

Rose 'Deep Secret'

Rosa 'Deep Secret'

A close up of a pink Rosa willmottiae flower

Miss Willmott's Rose

Rosa willmottiae

A close up of a pink Rosa 'Ballerina' flower

Shrub Rose 'Ballerina'

Rosa 'Ballerina'

Rose 'Albertine'

Rosa 'Albertine'

A close p of a many petaled pink Rosa 'Eglantyne' flower

English Shrub Rose 'Eglantyne'

Rosa 'Eglantyne'

Image coming soon text on a white background with floral imagery around the edges

English Rose

Rosa 'Grace'

A close up of some pink Rosa 'Queen Mother' flowers

Patio Rose 'Queen Mother'

Rosa 'Queen Mother'

A close up of some pink orange peach Rosa 'Abraham Derby' rose flowers

English Shrub Rose 'Abraham Darby'

Rosa 'Abraham Darby'

Rose 'Albéric Barbier'

Rosa 'Albéric Barbier'

Some pink Rosa 'Compassion' flowers in a garden

Rose 'Compassion'

Rosa 'Compassion'

A close up of some red Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' flowers

Rose 'Geranium'

Rosa 'Geranium'

A close up of some yellow white Rosa ‘Kew Gardens’ flowers

Rose 'Kew Gardens'

Rosa 'Kew Gardens'

A close up of a pink flower on a Rosa 'Zéphirine Drouhin' plant

Thornless Rose

Rosa 'Zéphirine Drouhin'

English Rose 'Golden Celebration'

Rosa 'Golden Celebration'

A close up of a white Rosa 'Margaret Merril' flower

Rosa 'Margaret Merril'

Rosa 'Margaret Merril'

A close up of a pink Rosa 'Madame Isaac Pereire' flower and some green leaves

Bourbon Rose

Rosa 'Madame Isaac Péreire'

A close up of a white Rosa 'Rambling Rector' flower in a garden

Rambling Rose 'Rambling Rector'

Rosa 'Rambling Rector'

A close up of some pink Rosa sScarborough Fair' flowers

English Shrub Rose 'Scarborough Fair'

Rosa 'Scarborough Fair'

White Japanese Rose

Rosa rugosa 'Alba'

A close up of a pink Rosa 'Queen of Sweden' flower

English Shrub Rose 'Queen of Sweden'

Rosa 'Queen of Sweden'

A close up of an orange flower and some green leaves on a Rosa 'Lady Emma Hamilton' rose plant

English Shrub Rose 'Lady Emma Hamilton'

Rosa 'Lady Emma Hamilton'

Rose 'Madame Alfred Carriè'

Rosa 'Madame Alfred Carrière'

Rose 'New Dawn'

Rosa 'New Dawn'

Rose 'Jacques Cartier'

Rosa 'Jacques Cartier'

Floibunda Rose 'Arthur Bell'

Rosa 'Arthur Bell'

Rambling Rose 'Emily Gray'

Rosa 'Emily Gray'

Rambling Rose

Rosa 'Rene Andre'

Rose 'Double Delight''

Rosa Hybrid T 'Double Delight'

A close up of some pink Rosa 'Flower Carpet' flowers

Rose 'Flower Carpet'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet'

Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa 'Whisky Mac'

Rose 'Francois Juranville'

Rosa 'Francois Juranville'

Rose 'Crème Caramel'

Rosa 'Crème Caramel'

A close up of some Rosa 'The Garland' flowers with white petals and yellow centres and green foliage growing at The Newt Somerset

Rambling Rose 'The Garland'

Rosa 'The Garland'

A close up of some pink Rosa 'Buff Beauty' flowers

Rose 'Buff Beauty'

Rosa 'Buff Beauty'

Rose 'Adélaïde D'Orléans'

Rosa 'Adélaïde d'Orléans'

Rose 'Wedding Garland'

Rosa 'Wedding Garland'

Rose 'Blush Noisette'

Rosa 'Blush Noisette'

Some creamy peachy pink Rosa 'Perle d'Or' flowers growing at The Newt Somerset

Rose 'Perle D'Or'

Rosa 'Perle d'Or'

A close up of some pink Rosa 'American Pillar' flowers with yellow centres

Rambling Rose 'American Pillar'

Rosa 'American Pillar'

Rose 'Happy Couple'

Rosa 'Happy Couple'

Rose 'Senateur Lafollette'

Rosa gigantea 'La Follette'

Rose 'Comte De Chambord'

Rosa 'Comte de Chambord'

A close up of a A Rosa 'Souvenir du Dr. Jamain' plant with a red rose flower and some green leaves growing at The Newt Somserset

Rose 'Souvenir Du Dr. Jamain'

Rosa 'Souvenir du Dr. Jamain'

Rose 'Souvenir De La Malmaison'

Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'

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