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Published on May 2nd 2020
The Candide Garden Club
The Candide Garden Club allows our community of plant lovers to grow, share and connect, regardless of circumstance! Each week we invite plant experts to share their knowledge, demonstrate practical skills and answer your questions.
Join us from 7pm every Tuesday, as we take a journey through the gardening calendar. From tending to your houseplants to making sure you provide the right care to your perennials, we invite experts to share their knowledge and advice in interactive sessions online.
Our past speakers have included Matt Biggs, Alan Down, LOOF terrariums, as well as our very own in-house panel of experts.

Next week

A black and yellow butterfly on a flower
To celebrate World Bee Day next Wednesday, the Candide Garden Club will be exploring how we can help bees in our gardens, no matter the size!
Our resident entomologist Nina will introduce the different types of bees we have in the UK, and will be joined by a couple of gardening experts to talk about small actions you can take to help bees throughout the year, including what's best to plant!

Something to discuss?

If you or someone you know want to to share tips from your garden or allotment, tell us about your favourite plant group, or how to make the most of your space for biodiversity – we'd love to hear from you!
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