Camellia Gall

Exobasidium camelliae

Camellia Gall

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Exobasidium camelliae is a gall-causing fungus that affects plants in the Camellia genus. Not much is known about the fungus in terms of its life cycle.


At first, galls are green.
Galls turn cream as they grow larger.
Galls can be wrinkled or smooth.
Other foliage remains normal.
Galls may incorporate curled up leaf tips.
Galls are the shape of a rugby ball.

Biological treatment

Remove galls immediately and destroy. If the spores are developed you should cover with a plastic bag (with no holes in it) and then remove the gall.


Not clear, it's thought water vapour and rain plays a role in the transmission.


Unfortunately, infections are difficult to prevent.

Affected plants

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