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Verticillium Wilt

Verticillium spp.

Verticillium Wilt

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Verticillium Wilt is a wilt disease that affects a massive range of woody and herbaceous plants causing them to wilt and lose leaves and potentially die.


Much like other wilt diseases, it hard to distinguish which disease it is. Verticillium Wilt stands out through the speed at which the plant wilts. In hot weather, the disease will cause the plant to wilt very suddenly and quickly. Another telling sign is dark marks in the wood of the plant. Usually, the marks are in the outermost growth ring of the plant.

Growth factors

Prefers Moist soil and warm climates.


Wilting of stems and leaves.
Visible black-brown rings when woody plants are cut.

Biological treatment

There are no biological treatments for this disease.

Chemical treatment

Soil fumigation with a chemical fungicide has been known to have an effect on the fungus.


Planting resistant cultivars.

Affected plants

A group of Cotinus coggygria bushes in flower

Smoke Bush

Cotinus coggygria


Chrysanthemum spp.


Dianthus spp.

A close up of a purple Solanum melongena flower


Solanum melongena

A close up of a white and yellow Solanum tuberosum flower


Solanum tuberosum

Some red Solanum lycopersicum tomatoes in a garden


Solanum lycopersicum

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