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Purple Flowering Summer Plants

Love purple flowers and looking for summer inspiration.

A photo of Aconite


Aconitum spp.

A photo of Juanulloa


Juanulloa spp.

A photo of Allium


Allium spp.

A photo of Alpine Calamint

Alpine Calamint

Clinopodium alpinus

A photo of Amaranth


Amaranthus spp.

A photo of Angel's Fishing Rod

Angel's Fishing Rod

Dierama pulcherrimum

A photo of Argentinian Vervain

Argentinian Vervain

Verbena bonariensis

A photo of Aristea


Aristea spp.

A photo of Globe Artichoke

Globe Artichoke

Cynara cardunculus (Scolymus Group)

A photo of Wild Indigo

Wild Indigo

Baptisia spp.

A photo of Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

Iris × germanica

A photo of Bears Breeches

Bears Breeches

Acanthus hungaricus

A photo of Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy

Felicia amelloides

A photo of Blue Potato Bush

Blue Potato Bush

Lycianthes rantonnetii

A photo of Honeywort 'Purpurascens'

Honeywort 'Purpurascens'

Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens'

A photo of Blu Flag Iris

Blu Flag Iris

Iris versicolor

A photo of Blue Globe Thistle

Blue Globe Thistle

Echinops bannaticus

A photo of Borage


Borago spp.

A photo of Buddleia


Buddleja spp.

A photo of Californian Lilac

Californian Lilac

Ceanothus spp.

A photo of Bellflower


Campanula spp.

A photo of Cardoon


Cynara cardunculus

A photo of Carpet Geranium

Carpet Geranium

Geranium incanum

A photo of Catananche


Catananche spp.

A photo of Chinese Wisteria

Chinese Wisteria

Wisteria sinensis

A photo of Cobaea


Cobaea spp.

A photo of Codonopsis


Codonopsis spp.

A photo of Collinsia


Collinsia spp.

A photo of Ccommon Columbine

Ccommon Columbine

Aquilegia vulgaris

A photo of Blue Rock Bindweed

Blue Rock Bindweed

Convolvulus sabatius

A photo of Cornflower


Centaurea cyanus

A photo of Cranesbill 'Anne Thomson'

Cranesbill 'Anne Thomson'

Geranium 'Anne Thomson'

A photo of Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme

Thymus serpyllum

A photo of Spike Speedwell 'Moody Blues'

Spike Speedwell 'Moody Blues'

Veronica spicata 'Dark Blue'

A photo of Delphinium 'Deep Purple'

Delphinium 'Deep Purple'

Delphinium elatum (Aurora Series) 'Deep Purple'

A photo of Delphinium


Delphinium 'Magic Fountain Dark Blue White Bee'

A photo of Delphinium 'Aurora Series'

Delphinium 'Aurora Series'

Delphinium elatum (Aurora Series)

A photo of Delphinium Magic Fountain

Delphinium Magic Fountain

Delphinium 'Magic Fountain Lavender with White Bee'

A photo of Edraianthus


Edraianthus spp.

A photo of Eryngo


Eryngium spp.

A photo of Violet Pichi

Violet Pichi

Fabiana imbricata f. violacea

A photo of Fuchsia 'Blue Eyes'

Fuchsia 'Blue Eyes'

Fuchsia 'Blue Eyes'

A photo of Fuchsia 'Brutus'

Fuchsia 'Brutus'

Fuchsia 'Brutus'

A photo of Fuchsia 'Carmel Blue'

Fuchsia 'Carmel Blue'

Fuchsia 'Carmel Blue'

A photo of Fuchsia 'Dark Eyes'

Fuchsia 'Dark Eyes'

Fuchsia 'Dark Eyes'

A photo of Fuchsia 'Deep Purple'

Fuchsia 'Deep Purple'

Fuchsia 'Deep Purple'

A photo of Galega


Galega spp.

A photo of Garden Orchid

Garden Orchid

Bletilla striata

A photo of Globularia


Globularia spp.

A photo of Glory Bush

Glory Bush

Tibouchina spp.

A photo of Greater Periwinkle

Greater Periwinkle

Vinca major

A photo of Heath Spotted Orchid

Heath Spotted Orchid

Dactylorhiza maculata

A photo of Heliotrope


Heliotropium arborescens

A photo of Hyssop


Hyssopus officinalis

A photo of Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Ipomoea spp.

A photo of Iris


Iris spp.

A photo of Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

Polemonium caeruleum

A photo of Lavender


Lavandula spp.

A photo of Lilac 'Président Grévy'

Lilac 'Président Grévy'

Syringa vulgaris 'Président Grévy'

A photo of Lilac 'Congo'

Lilac 'Congo'

Syringa vulgaris 'Congo'

A photo of Sea Lavender

Sea Lavender

Limonium spp.

A photo of Louisiana Iris 'Black Gamecock'

Louisiana Iris 'Black Gamecock'

Iris 'Black Gamecock'

A photo of Meadow Clary

Meadow Clary

Salvia pratensis

A photo of Meadow Cranesbill

Meadow Cranesbill

Geranium pratense

A photo of Mealy Sage

Mealy Sage

Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'

A photo of Sage 'Mystic Spires Blue'

Sage 'Mystic Spires Blue'

Salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue'

A photo of Mexican Bush Sage

Mexican Bush Sage

Salvia leucantha

A photo of Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Monarda spp.

A photo of Moroccan Toadflax

Moroccan Toadflax

Linaria maroccana

A photo of Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

Phalaenopsis spp.

A photo of Catmint


Nepeta spp.

A photo of Pansy Orchid

Pansy Orchid

Miltoniopsis 'Newton Falls'

A photo of Passiflora 'Purple Haze'

Passiflora 'Purple Haze'

Passiflora 'Purple Haze'

A photo of Passiflora Hybrid

Passiflora Hybrid

Passiflora 'Fata Confetto'

A photo of Penstemon 'Andenken An Friedrich Hahn'

Penstemon 'Andenken An Friedrich Hahn'

Penstemon 'Andenken an Friedrich Hahn'

A photo of Penstemon 'Etna'

Penstemon 'Etna'

Penstemon 'Etna'

A photo of Penstemon 'Purple Sea'

Penstemon 'Purple Sea'

Penstemon 'Purple Sea'

A photo of Penstemon 'Vesuvius'

Penstemon 'Vesuvius'

Penstemon 'Vesuvius'

A photo of Perennial Cornflower

Perennial Cornflower

Centaurea montana

A photo of Perennial Salvia

Perennial Salvia

Salvia nemorosa 'May Night'