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A photo of Antigonon leptopus

Antigonon leptopus

Antigonon leptopus

Autumn foilage

Autumn foilage

A photo of Paper Flower

Paper Flower

Bougainvillea spp.

A photo of Bryony-Leaved Flowering Ivy

Bryony-Leaved Flowering Ivy

Senecio bryoniifolius

A photo of Bushwillow


Combretum spp.

A photo of Chinese Trumpet Creeper

Chinese Trumpet Creeper

Campsis grandiflora

A photo of Kangaroo Vine

Kangaroo Vine

Cissus spp.

A photo of Clematis


Clematis spp.

Flowering climbers

Flowering climbers

Flowering vines

Flowering vines

A photo of Carolina Jessamine

Carolina Jessamine

Gelsemium sempervirens

A photo of Golden Trumpet

Golden Trumpet

Allamanda cathartica

A photo of Ornamental Gourd

Ornamental Gourd

Lagenaria siceraria 'Speckled Swan'

A photo of Purple Passion Fruit

Purple Passion Fruit

Passiflora edulis

A photo of Hibbertia scandens

Hibbertia scandens

Hibbertia scandens



A photo of Jasmine


Jasminum spp.

A photo of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit

Actinidia deliciosa

A photo of Malabar Spinach

Malabar Spinach

Basella alba

A photo of Bower Plant

Bower Plant

Pandorea spp.

A photo of Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper

Parthenocissus spp.

A photo of Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Passiflora spp.

A photo of Phaseolus


Phaseolus spp.

A photo of Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba

Podranea brycei

A photo of Queen's Wreath

Queen's Wreath

Petrea volubilis

A photo of Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper

Combretum indica

A photo of Rose


Rosa spp.

A photo of Senecio


Senecio spp.

A photo of Chinese Star Jasmine

Chinese Star Jasmine

Trachelospermum jasminoides

A photo of Cape Honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle

Tecoma capensis

A photo of Clockvines


Thunbergia spp.

A photo of Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig

Ficus pumila

A photo of Vitex


Vitex spp.

A photo of Wisteria


Wisteria spp.