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A photo of Thorn Mimosa

Thorn Mimosa

Vachellia nilotica

A photo of African White Stinkwood

African White Stinkwood

Celtis africana

A photo of Buffalo Thorn Tree

Buffalo Thorn Tree

Ziziphus mucronata

A photo of Common Coral Tree

Common Coral Tree

Erythrina lysistemon

A photo of Common Hook-Thorn

Common Hook-Thorn

Senegalia caffra

A photo of Round-Leaved Bloodwood

Round-Leaved Bloodwood

Pterocarpus rotundifolius

A photo of Bushman's Poison

Bushman's Poison

Acokanthera oppositifolia

A photo of Camel Thorn

Camel Thorn

Vachellia erioloba

A photo of Karee


Searsia lancea

A photo of White Milkwood

White Milkwood

Sideroxylon inerme

A photo of Lowveld chestnut

Lowveld chestnut

Sterculia murex

A photo of Umbrella Thorn

Umbrella Thorn

Vachellia tortilis

A photo of Transvaal Red Milkwood

Transvaal Red Milkwood

Mimusops zeyheri

A photo of Mokgwethe


Combretum molle

A photo of Weeping Wattle

Weeping Wattle

Peltophorum africanum

A photo of Olive


Olea europaea

A photo of River Bushwillow

River Bushwillow

Combretum erythrophyllum

A photo of Sneezewood


Ptaeroxylon obliquum

A photo of Apple-Leaf


Philenoptera violacea

A photo of Natal Guarri

Natal Guarri

Euclea natalensis

A photo of Safsaf Willow

Safsaf Willow

Salix mucronata

A photo of Mphahla


Brachylaena discolor

A photo of Mufhala-Khwali


Antidesma venosum

A photo of MorôTô


Pterocarpus angolensis

A photo of Silver Cluster-Leaf or Silver Terminalia

Silver Cluster-Leaf or Silver Terminalia

Terminalia sericea

A photo of Tree Wisteria

Tree Wisteria

Bolusanthus speciosus

A photo of Waterberry


Syzygium cordatum

A photo of Weeping Boer Bean

Weeping Boer Bean

Schotia brachypetala

A photo of White Ironwood

White Ironwood

Vepris lanceolata

A photo of White Karee

White Karee

Searsia pendulina

A photo of Wild Peach

Wild Peach

Kiggelaria africana

A photo of Wild Plum

Wild Plum

Harpephyllum caffrum

A photo of red-leaved rock fig

red-leaved rock fig

Ficus ingens