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Pretty Peonies

A photo of Paeonia


Paeonia spp.

A photo of anomalous peony

anomalous peony

Paeonia anomala

A photo of Brown's Peony

Brown's Peony

Paeonia brownii

A photo of California peony

California peony

Paeonia californica

A photo of Corsican peony

Corsican peony

Paeonia coriacea

A photo of Delavay's Tree Peony

Delavay's Tree Peony

Paeonia delavayi

A photo of Edible-Rooted Peony

Edible-Rooted Peony

Paeonia lactiflora

A photo of European Peony

European Peony

Paeonia officinalis

A photo of Fernleaf Peony

Fernleaf Peony

Paeonia tenuifolia

A photo of Himalayan Peony

Himalayan Peony

Paeonia emodi

A photo of Woodland Peony

Woodland Peony

Paeonia obovata

A photo of Ludlow's Tree Peony

Ludlow's Tree Peony

Paeonia ludlowii

A photo of Mlokosewitch's Peony

Mlokosewitch's Peony

Paeonia daurica ssp. mlokosewitschii

A photo of Paeonia daurica

Paeonia daurica

Paeonia daurica

A photo of Paeonia daurica ssp. coriifolia

Paeonia daurica ssp. coriifolia

Paeonia daurica ssp. coriifolia

A photo of Peony


Paeonia lactiflora 'Duchesse de Nemours'

A photo of Peony 'Monsieur Jules Elie'

Peony 'Monsieur Jules Elie'

Paeonia lactiflora 'Monsieur Jules Elie'

A photo of Peony 'Rubra Plena'

Peony 'Rubra Plena'

Paeonia × festiva 'Rubra Plena'

A photo of Rock's Tree Peony

Rock's Tree Peony

Paeonia rockii

A photo of Western Peony

Western Peony

Paeonia broteri

A photo of White Japanese Forest Peony

White Japanese Forest Peony

Paeonia obovata ssp. japonica

A photo of wild peony

wild peony

Paeonia mascula