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Restios | Fynbos

A photo of Bell Reed

Bell Reed

Cannomois virgata

A photo of Giant River-Reed

Giant River-Reed

Cannomois grandis

A photo of Cannomois


Cannomois spp.

A photo of Elegia


Elegia spp.

A photo of Small Reed

Small Reed

Elegia filacea

A photo of Horsetail Restio

Horsetail Restio

Elegia capensis

A photo of Elegia cuspidata

Elegia cuspidata

Elegia cuspidata

A photo of Cape Thatching Reed

Cape Thatching Reed

Elegia tectorum

A photo of Cushion Restio

Cushion Restio

Elegia stipularis

A photo of Elegia nuda

Elegia nuda

Elegia nuda

A photo of Elegia grandispicata

Elegia grandispicata

Elegia grandispicata

A photo of Hollow Reed

Hollow Reed

Elegia fistulosa

A photo of Elegia equisetacea

Elegia equisetacea

Elegia equisetacea

A photo of Elegia aggregata

Elegia aggregata

Elegia aggregata

A photo of Broom Restio

Broom Restio

Restio subverticillatus

A photo of Restio


Restio spp.

A photo of Restio quadratus

Restio quadratus

Restio quadratus

A photo of Restio dispar

Restio dispar

Restio dispar

A photo of Paniculate Restio

Paniculate Restio

Restio paniculatus

A photo of Green Grass Reed

Green Grass Reed

Restio festuciformis

A photo of Rhodocoma


Rhodocoma spp.

A photo of Rhodocoma gigantea

Rhodocoma gigantea

Rhodocoma gigantea

A photo of Mikado Stems

Mikado Stems

Rhodocoma foliosa

A photo of Rhodocoma capensis

Rhodocoma capensis

Rhodocoma capensis

A photo of Rhodocoma fruticosa

Rhodocoma fruticosa

Rhodocoma fruticosa

A photo of Thamnochortus


Thamnochortus spp.

A photo of Namaqua Thatching Reed

Namaqua Thatching Reed

Thamnochortus bachmannii

A photo of Dune Thatching Reed

Dune Thatching Reed

Thamnochortus fraternus

A photo of Thatching Reed

Thatching Reed

Thamnochortus spicigerus

A photo of Albertinia Thatching Reed

Albertinia Thatching Reed

Thamnochortus insignis

A photo of Jackal-Tail Restio

Jackal-Tail Restio

Thamnochortus lucens

A photo of Silver Restio

Silver Restio

Thamnochortus cinereus