A photo of Amaranthus deflexus

Amaranthus deflexus

Amaranthus deflexus

A photo of Amaranthus hybridus

Amaranthus hybridus

Amaranthus hybridus

A photo of Amaranthus spinosus

Amaranthus spinosus

Amaranthus spinosus

A photo of Annual Nettle

Annual Nettle

Urtica urens

A photo of Natal Red Top

Natal Red Top

Melinis repens

A photo of Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass

Cynodon dactylon

A photo of Bidens bipinnata

Bidens bipinnata

Bidens bipinnata

A photo of Bidens pilosa

Bidens pilosa

Bidens pilosa

A photo of Bindweed


Convolvulus spp.

A photo of Yellow Bird Of Paradise

Yellow Bird Of Paradise

Caesalpinia gilliesii

A photo of Guinea Grass

Guinea Grass

Panicum maximum

A photo of Bushveld Signal Grass

Bushveld Signal Grass

Urochloa mosambicensis

A photo of Cape Sorrel

Cape Sorrel

Oxalis pes-caprae

A photo of Cats Claw Creeper

Cats Claw Creeper

Dolichandra unguis-cati

A photo of Common Chickweed

Common Chickweed

Stellaria media

A photo of Wild Chicory

Wild Chicory

Cichorium intybus

A photo of Chufa Sedge

Chufa Sedge

Cyperus esculentus

A photo of White Clover

White Clover

Trifolium repens

A photo of Common Poppy

Common Poppy

Papaver rhoeas

A photo of Common Sowthistle

Common Sowthistle

Sonchus oleraceus

A photo of Common Vetch

Common Vetch

Vicia sativa

A photo of Corn Cockle

Corn Cockle

Agrostemma githago

A photo of Cornflower


Centaurea cyanus

A photo of Creeping Thistle

Creeping Thistle

Cirsium arvense

A photo of Creeping Woodsorrel

Creeping Woodsorrel

Oxalis corniculata

A photo of Cypress Spurge

Cypress Spurge

Euphorbia cyparissias

A photo of Dandelion


Taraxacum officinale

A photo of Thorn Apple

Thorn Apple

Datura stramonium

A photo of Sehlohlo


Papaver aculeatum

A photo of Canadian Horseweed

Canadian Horseweed

Erigeron canadensis

A photo of Erodium moschatum

Erodium moschatum

Erodium moschatum

A photo of Euphorbia chamaesyce

Euphorbia chamaesyce

Euphorbia chamaesyce

A photo of Euphorbia helioscopia

Euphorbia helioscopia

Euphorbia helioscopia

A photo of Euphorbia hirta

Euphorbia hirta

Euphorbia hirta

A photo of Euphorbia peplus

Euphorbia peplus

Euphorbia peplus

A photo of Field Bindweed

Field Bindweed

Convolvulus arvensis

A photo of Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass

Pennisetum spp.

A photo of Fumaria muralis

Fumaria muralis

Fumaria muralis

A photo of Golden Canna

Golden Canna

Canna flaccida

A photo of Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy

Glechoma hederacea

A photo of Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus cannabinus

A photo of Hibiscus trionum

Hibiscus trionum

Hibiscus trionum

A photo of Hypochaeris radicata

Hypochaeris radicata

Hypochaeris radicata

A photo of Benghal Dayflower

Benghal Dayflower

Commelina benghalensis

A photo of Ipomoea purpurea

Ipomoea purpurea

Ipomoea purpurea

A photo of Cape Marigold

Cape Marigold

Arctotheca calendula

A photo of Isinama


Setaria verticillata

A photo of Huacatay


Tagetes minuta

A photo of Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu Grass

Pennisetum clandestinum

A photo of Klaaslouwbos


Athanasia trifurcata

A photo of Sehalikane


Ursinia nana

A photo of Lantana


Lantana spp.

A photo of Daisy


Bellis perennis

A photo of Mallow


Malva neglecta

A photo of Our Lady's Milk Thistle

Our Lady's Milk Thistle

Silybum marianum

A photo of Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle

Urtica dioica

A photo of European Black Nightshade

European Black Nightshade

Solanum nigrum

A photo of Sea-Urchin Grass

Sea-Urchin Grass

Cyperus rotundus

A photo of Oleander


Nerium oleander

A photo of Three Cornered Leek

Three Cornered Leek

Allium triquetrum

A photo of Patterson's Curse

Patterson's Curse

Echium plantagineum

A photo of Physalis angulata

Physalis angulata

Physalis angulata

A photo of Pickerel Weed

Pickerel Weed

Pontederia cordata

A photo of Pink Wood Sorrel

Pink Wood Sorrel

Oxalis latifolia

A photo of Ribwort Plantain

Ribwort Plantain

Plantago lanceolata

A photo of Greater Plantain

Greater Plantain

Plantago major

A photo of Golden Wreath Wattle

Golden Wreath Wattle

Acacia saligna

A photo of Prickly Poppy

Prickly Poppy

Argemone mexicana

A photo of Common Purslane

Common Purslane

Portulaca oleracea

A photo of Scarlet Pimpernel

Scarlet Pimpernel

Anagallis arvensis

A photo of Shoo-Fly


Nicandra physalodes

A photo of Snail Vine

Snail Vine

Phaseolus giganteus

A photo of Morotho


Cleome gynandra

A photo of Sorrel


Rumex acetosa

A photo of Silver Inch Plant

Silver Inch Plant

Tradescantia zebrina

A photo of St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine Grass

Stenotaphrum secundatum

A photo of Tickseed


Coreopsis lanceolata

A photo of Hairy Vetch

Hairy Vetch

Vicia villosa

A photo of Vicia benghalensis

Vicia benghalensis

Vicia benghalensis

A photo of Vicia hirsuta

Vicia hirsuta

Vicia hirsuta