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7 Autumn Garden Must-Have Trends For October

Published on September 28th 2021
Thanksgiving & Halloween decor with pumpkins. Fall, Autumn. by Vasil Dimitrov (All rights reserved)
A group of colorful flowers

In autumn, the different garden tasks we face as gardeners are reflected by the changing of seasons.

Although the weather is becoming less favourable, the lazy dewy-mornings, harvesting of vegetables, and warming bonfires make spending time in the garden a delight in October.

Here are 7 of our favourite autumnal garden trends this month.

1. Lighting and candles

With the clocks going back at the end of the month, our gardens will be getting darker earlier. Lighting can be a great way to brighten up paths, helping us to potter about safely and stop us from tripping.
They also look magical when installed in an outside room. Twinkling lights make a space feel comforting. Drape fairy lights from a tree, spotlight your favourite foliage or use candles to make the space feel homely.

2. Winter Pansies

With the range of colours becoming more limited this month, there are still flowering plants you can use to spruce up your outdoor space. Winter Pansies, Violas, or Violets boast vivid purples.
Pansies' hardy nature makes them a superb choice for an autumnal garden. Pansies can add a splash of colour to your beds, borders or baskets throughout the colder months.

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3. Bulbs

Bulbs! Don't worry; it's still not too late to plant your bulbs. If you haven't already, quickly plan your garden beds for next spring. Alliums, Daffodils and Tulips, are some of the plants that you may wish to incorporate.
Tips for bulb planting:
If you would like your autumn and winter display to nicely transform into spring blooms, layer your Winter Pansies with bulbs beneath.

4. Halloween decorations

Have the best seasonal garden display using spooky-themed décor. Make use of your autumn harvest to spruce up your container garden, or go one step further with ornaments.
Fake spiders, creeping cobwebs or black cats look great on your garden or porch and will no doubt get neighbours into the festive season.
Find more inspiration for an autumn display below:

5. Snug garden seating

Even if it is a little chillier this month, all the more reason to snuggle up on the sofa with our blankets, a hot chocolate and a book.
Do you have a small garden? There are still lots of choices for seating. There will be a space-efficient alternative for you and your garden, whether a hanging chair or a two-piece rattan.

6. Firepits

A snug outside space is not complete without a heat source. A firepit is an autumn garden essential. Use it to stay warm or toast marshmallows.
Don't have space for a firepit? If you are a proud small-garden owner, heat lamps work a treat for keeping warm in the evening hours.

7. Houseplants

Now there are less urgent tasks to be tending to in the garden; it is a brilliant time to put some energy into your indoor plant displays.
With winter on its way, bringing a bit of green indoors using the power of houseplants can also help to bring joy.
With houseplants stealing the show at the recent Chelsea Flower Show, indoor gardening is a trend that is here to stay!

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