The Best Places To See Daffodils in the UK

Published on February 22nd 2020
Daffodils at Astbury village
In a matter of weeks, gardens big and small across the country will be graced by the appearance of one of the nation's favourite flowers - the humble daffodil.
To make sure you get your bulb fix this spring, here are our top places to see daffodils in the UK.


Located in the heart of Cheshire, this Norman Castle offers over 70 acres of gardens draped in history, as well as the largest displays of both cultivated and wild daffodils in the UK.
The gardens won't be open until April 1st but will be opening their doors on Mother's Day (March 22nd) for an exclusive pre-season glimpse.
A close up of daffodils at Cholmondeley castle and gardens

Rydal Mount

This beautiful house and gardens in the lake district were the family home of none other than daffodil-fanatic and poet William Wordsworth.
Wordsworth's most famous poem, 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' focusses on the beauty of daffodils, and visitors to the gardens can enjoy them to this day.
Flowers from the garden will be presented at Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey next month during a special ceremony to mark the 250th anniversary since Wordsworth's birth.
A yellow daffodil at Rydal Mount gardens

Castle Howard

This extensive Yorkshire estate, dubbed 'one of the great palaces in Europe', will reopen its gates for the season on March 21st.
There are over 1000 acres for daffodil-spotting, including temples, woods, fountains, walled garden and of course, the exquisite 18th-century palace itself.
daffodils at Castle Howard Estate
Photo: David Eccles


Managed by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and home to the Millenium Seed Bank, Wakehurst has stunning winter gardens that only become more spectacular with the arrival of spring.
The Iris Dell, located in the Mansions Gardens, is the best spot for wild daffodil spotting, but also make sure you take a visit to the Coates Wood to check out the monkey puzzle tree forest.
Daffodils at Wakehurst
Photo: Jim Holden © RBG Kew

Scotland's National Daffodil Festival

Backhouse Rossie Estate will be hosting Scotland's National Daffodil Festival on the 11th and 12th of April.
The Walled Garden houses a National Daffodil Collection and provides a perfect backdrop for daffodil lovers to explore how the nation's favourite flower has changed and developed over the years.
Daffodils at Bakhouse Rossie estate during Scotland's National Daffodil Festival


Another Scottish addition to our list, the gardens at Teasses have been slowly restored since the 90s, and daffodils can be found scattered throughout the woodland.
The gardens are only open for appointments from April to August, and can be arranged through their website.
(c) Teasses Garden

Teasses Estate

With its acres of fertile organic pasture and espousal of popular rural activities such as clay pigeon shooting, you might be wondering what Teasses Garden has to offer garden-enthusiasts. But thanks to some stunning restoration work, the answer is a lot. This once dilapidated plot has undergone quite the transformation since the mid-1990s when the estate was bought by Sir Fraser and Lady Morrison. And their hard work has clearly paid off. Away from the highland cattle, you’ll find billowing drifts of perennials, a fragrant English Rose garden punctuated with spicy carnations and a pond bejewelled with water lilies and fringed by the elegant Iris Sibirica and other marginal plants. Another horticultural highlight is the walled garden, where a canopy of apple, plum, and pear trees leads to glasshouses bursting with peaches, figs, and grapes. The gardens are open by appointment only but the estate also hosts garden events throughout the year, including the Scottish Snowdrop Festival, plant identification workshops and more.

Yellow daffodils at Teasses in Scotland

Brodie Castle

The ancestral home of the Brodie clan is also home to the National Collection of Brodie Daffodils, developed by Major Ian Brodie from 1899 and 1942.
The collection includes 116 daffodil cultivars bred by Major Brodie and many other named heritage varieties.
If Scotland is a bit out of the way for you, The National Trust has also put together a list of their top properties to see daffodils.

In the wild!

The Daffodil Society has put together a great guide of wild daffodil spots in the UK, and we're sure that wherever you are, you'll be able to find some daffodils in the wild near you!

Where have you seen daffodils? Let the community know using #Daffodils!

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