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Upgrade to a membership with an upgrade code

Published on July 14th 2021
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How to upgrade your tickets to memberships using your upgrade code.
You should have received an 8 digit upgrade code upon your visit, or via email shortly after your visit.

Step 1

Make sure you have your upgrade code from the garden handy, and that you have downloaded the Candide App.
Open the Candide app, and tap the Tickets button to start your upgrade.
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Step 2

You'll see your Ticket Wallet, and the option to upgrade to a membership.
Enter your 8 digit upgrade code, and tap ‘Use code’.
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Step 3

You'll see the number of adults, children and any other tickets that you paid for when the code was given to you.
You can add extra members to your membership. If there is an additional cost to this, it will be displayed and broken down to you.
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You'll need to enter your details and each of the adult members' details, so the garden can identify you if you lose access to your membership.
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Step 4

After you have confirmed all your details and added all the members, you will be asked to create a Candide Account, or log in if you have an account already.

Step 5

If you have any extra payments to make on your upgrade, you will then be asked to pay for them. You can pay by a card or using either Apple Pay or Google Pay. And you're all done!

Step 6

Tap on the 'Tickets' button at the top of the main screen to see your active memberships. Tap on the membership card to view your membership.
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Common Questions:

Can I share my membership with another person?
You are able to share your membership with another Candide User.
To do so, you must make sure you do not redeem all the memberships attached to your upgrade code.
You are able to share an upgrade code if there is an unclaimed membership still attached to it.
Please ensure that if you share your code, you have upgraded your membership first. So that another user doesn't use all the memberships attached to the code.
How long does my upgrade code last for?
At this point in time, your upgrade code will last for 1 month after it has been generated for you. Please try to upgrade to a membership as soon as you are able, so you don't miss out on the offer.
I haven't received my upgrade code!
If you have not received your code please do get in touch so we can help you further.
Need further help?
Please get in touch with us by email: