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10 Fun Garden Activities To Do With Children During The Summer Holidays

Published on July 18th 2021
Parents teaching children to take care of plants at plant nursery by FangXiaNuo (All rights reserved)
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There is plenty of fun to be had in the garden. With some imagination, a garden holds the potential to be anything you’d like it to be! Whether your little one sees it as an adventure playground, a majestic castle, a cafe or kitchen, or an enchanted realm - the garden can be a magical place to explore, offering a creative space for children to relax, enjoy and play.
With the summer holidays quickly approaching, your garden will start to be an extension of your living room. After all, a garden is a peaceful spot for children to breathe fresh air, stretch out their legs, and spend leisure time.
If you are searching for some ideas to help entertain younger family members, check out our guide and start planning your summer of fun in the garden.
To further help keep the family entertained, explore our collection of items curated for spending time with your family in the garden below.

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1. Build an adventure playground

As well as being an energy release (and extremely fun), outside play promotes creativity and imagination. But on the days when we are just too busy to make it to our local park, why not bring a bit of the park home with a swing, see-saw, or sandpit!

2. Cook up a feast

July is the month for dining alfresco. Plan a BBQ with your family and get the children involved with some child-friendly recipes that you can do with the little ones. With adult supervision, see the guide for recipes using edible flowers. Learn how to make cheese balls or lollipops using edible flowers foraged from the garden.
A close up of a sign

Create a Banquet Fit For Garden Royalty: Four Tasty Recipes Using Edible Flowers


An infographic of all homegrown edible flowers

Festival of Flowers: The Best Edible Flowers to Grow in Your Garden


3. Grow your own together

Gardening together as a family has many benefits. Spending time in the fresh air, digging, and sowing seeds, can teach children where their food comes from, stimulating all of the senses. Even picking dandelions can stimulate many of the senses, for example, touch, smell and sight. Simple activities like flower picking allow children to develop fundamental skills that set them up later in life.

4. Create your own campsite

If you haven’t been lucky enough to book a campsite this year, not to worry - you can go camping without having to leave your back garden. Just set up your tent and hang some fairy lights; make sure you have plenty of cushions and blankets for a cosy night of toasting marshmallows and stargazing. Tents and shades also make an excellent base for hanging sheets and blankets, great for creating secret dens and magical castles.

5. Pick and press flowers for use in crafts

Picking flowers can be highly satisfying for both children and adults. But instead of putting your flowers in a vase, why not have a day of flower pressing? Once flowers have been successfully pressed, they can be stored in a safe, dry place and displayed in a frame or used for crafts on a rainy day.
If you’re looking for other craft ideas, why not make birthday cards, bookmarks, or create a piece of art.

6. Grow a fairy garden

Creating a secret fairy garden can spark children’s imagination and creativity, and it’s not as complicated as it sounds! All you need is a container of any sort, compost and plants. Hosta Mouse varieties and daisy-like flowers go well with the theme of magical fairies. Complete the fairy-tale look by using delightful garden ornaments, and you will have the garden fairies feeling right at home.
If fairies aren’t their thing, transform your container garden into the Jurassic by opting to decorate the garden with ferns, mosses, and finishing it off with miniature dinosaur figurines.

7. Make a bird feeder

Making a bird feeder is a great way to engage children with nature and animal habitats. Making a bird feeder can be done indoors, making this a great activity for a rainy day. Read our guide to learn how to make a bird feeder in just a few simple steps. Once you’re happy with the finished feeder, hang it up in your favourite tree and see what birds it attracts.

Make a Wild Bird Feeder


Find more wildlife-friendly garden accessories here:

8. Make mud pies

Making mud pies is an easy, cost-free activity and an opportunity for children to get their hands into the mud. Mud pies are one of the best kinds of messy play, and building them is great for developing their skills using creativity through gathering and exploring the garden.
Start the day with a hunt for ingredients. Think flowers, stones, marbles, leaves, sticks - and of course, mud! Fill a bucket with water and dirt and get mixing. All that’s left to do is fill your containers and get decorating.
Check out these playsets:

9. Grow the tallest sunflower

Nothing is more rewarding than planting a seed with your children and watching it grow into a beautiful flower, and adding a competitive element can engage all the family. Every time your sunflower regrows year upon year, it will be a reminder of all the summers spent together in your garden.

10. Make a flower crown

A flower crown isn’t just for Garden Day! Forage in your garden or local park for floral delights and create a crown fit for garden royalty and unique to each member of your family.
Watch the video to learn how to make a flower crown:

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