Making Elderflower Cordial without Citric Acid

Published on June 3rd 2020
It is the time of the year when elder trees across the country are blossoming with sweet flowers, the favourite of beginner foragers like myself.
My family usually makes litres upon litres of elderflower cordial every year, freezing it in ice cube trays and drinking it throughout the year. I, however, somehow like the elusive nature of foraging and looked for a recipe without any preservatives. Over the past few years, I have been using this recipe that gives me enough cordial to enjoy for a few weeks.


  • Enough elderflowers to fill a pot
  • Lemon zest
  • Granulated sugar
  • Water
  • Lemons


I vaguely follow the Woodland Trust's recipe if you would like to see the written instructions. I keep the cordial in the fridge and try to use it up in two weeks or so.


Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to #ElderflowerCordial? Let me know in the comments or by posting in the app, I would like to learn more!
Elder trees are a popular plant across the UK due to their easy propagation and pest resistance.

To learn more, check out the Plant Profile:

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