The Truth About Houseplants and I

Published on January 23rd 2019
I absolutely love my garden. It is packed full of plants, shrubs and flowers that I lovingly tend to every year. As soon as spring has sprung, I am out there, checking for growth, weeding, cutting things back, feeding the plants that need it.
And so it continues throughout the summer, as I ensure that my plants don’t go thirsty and are well looked after. In the autumn I take the time to tidy things up, prune wherever needed and plant bulbs ready for the next year. I buy plants fairly regularly throughout the warmer months, and then lovingly put them into the ground and check on them every day. I absolutely love my garden.
Plants and I rub along nicely together. I haven’t lost many of them over the seasons. They tend to flourish and bloom. In my garden. Only in my garden.
Houseplants and I do not get along quite so well. For someone that loves gardening, you would imagine I have plants all over the place indoors, but no, that’s not so. I struggle with them, truth be told.
I think, if I am honest, I forget about them. It doesn’t matter where they are, they could be right in front of me day in day out, I just seem to overlook them. And what happens when plants are overlooked? Yes, I eventually kill them. Sorry.
I also struggle to be excited by them. There are so many plants that I want to have in my garden and I love meandering around garden centres and getting more inspiration. But I ignore the sections for indoor plants, passing them by without a second glance. Until…
… I discovered my house plant true love, my green soul mate, my only chance of actually keeping a plant indoors!
Yes, I have fallen in love at last with a house plant.
Succulents have ensnared me. Finally, I have found houseplants that I love. I like to look at them, to touch them and as an extra bonus, they need so little from me! They are plants that I rarely need to water and, to date, I have not killed these. To date. But I am cautiously optimistic. I do think that this is the start of a bright new friendship.
They make me smile when I look at them. They tempt me to buy more. I could have an entire shelf filled with these. A room even? At last, at last, there is a house plant for me. Oh, how I love you, little succulent!
How do you get on with houseplants? Do you have a favourite?
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