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A picture of a Monterey Pine

Monterey Pine

Pinus radiata

Also known as

Radiata Pine, Insignis Pine, Pine

Pinus radiata BigSur by dalvenjah on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Light watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








20 years to reach maturity

More images of Monterey Pine

A close up of a Pinus radiata plant
A close up of a Pinus radiata plant
A close up of a Pinus radiata plant
A close up of a Pinus radiata cone
A Pinus radiata plant with green leaves and brown cones

Monterey Pine Overview

Pinus radiata is a fast-growing evergreen conifer from the Pinaceae family. It has a vigorous habit, capable of growing over 30m in height. Commonly known by the names Monterey Pine and Radiata Pine. This hardy plant originates from California and Mexico. It is widely grown outside of its native range, which is under threat from fragmentation as a result of human activity. It produces green, needle-like foliage in clusters of 3. Leaves measure between 8-15cm in length and have blunt ends. Bark is textured and dark grey-brown in colour. The wood is used for timber production, it is brittle and coarse, of most value to paper and pulp industries. The wood is also used for carpentry, furniture and construction. It forms deep roots and egg-shaped, brown cones measuring up to 17cm long. They open to release seeds in response to environmental triggers such as the heat of forest fires and may also be triggered by hot weather. Grows best in full sun. This tree is relatively tolerant of air pollution, makes a good wind and noise breaker and therefore is a popular choice for urban planting.

Common problems with Monterey Pine

How to propagate Monterey Pine




Other uses of Monterey Pine

Specimen, ornamental, foliage. Suitable for coastal conditions. Attracts butterflies