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A picture of a Hosta 'Albomarginata'

Hosta 'Albomarginata'

Hosta fortunei 'Albomarginata'

Partial Shade
Moderate care
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size






5 years to reach maturity


    • spring
    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter

    This plant has a mild fragrance

    More images of Hosta 'Albomarginata'

    A photo of Hosta 'Albomarginata'
    A photo of Hosta 'Albomarginata'
    A photo of Hosta 'Albomarginata'
    A photo of Hosta 'Albomarginata'

    Hosta 'Albomarginata' Overview

    Hosta fortunei 'Albomarginata' is a beautiful plant that loves shaded areas and thrives in moist soils, making them a great addition to a shaded garden. The leaves are eye-catching with their ribbed texture and cream white edges. They also produce a fragrant showy flower in the summer.

    Common problems with Hosta 'Albomarginata'

    How to propagate Hosta 'Albomarginata'


    Divide clumps every 4 or 5 years in late summer or early spring. Ensure each section has 1 to 3 good buds and trim away damaged roots. Replant at their original depth in the ground with the shoots just poking through the soil. Water and apply a granular feed.

    Special features of Hosta 'Albomarginata'

    Ground cover

    Other uses of Hosta 'Albomarginata'

    With an OPALS rating of 1, these plants are considered 'Good' to include in a low allergen planting scheme.