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A picture of a Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'

Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'

Hippeastrum 'Sonatini Amico'

Also known as

Christmas Flower

Hippeastrum (1) by Swaminathan (CC BY 2.0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

More images of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'

A photo of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'
A photo of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'
A photo of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'
A photo of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'
A photo of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'

Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico' Overview

Christmas Flowering Amaryllis have been bred to create well-proportioned plants and large flowers from smaller bulbs. After harvest, they shrink naturally as they dry, and plump back up once they are potted and watered. Christmas Flowering Amaryllis are classified as Symphony, Sonata or Sonatini varieties according to their flower size and height. Sonatini Amaryllis are the most delicate, species-like varieties with 6-10cm flowers on 30-35cm stems.

Common problems with Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'

Hand-pick and destroy snails and slugs as well as the black and yellow amaryllis caterpillar or lily borer which eats the leaves and bores down into the bulb. Red blotches on the leaves are caused by fungi known as Stagonospora curtisii. Try controlling by cutting off the affected part of the leaf as soon as you spot signs of this disease.

    How to harvest Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'

    Flowers can be cut for the vase or seeds can be harvested from a ripe seed capsule.

    How to propagate Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'


    Divide and replant over-crowded bulbs while dormant in spring or autumn.


    Harvest seed in autumn and sow in spring. Viable seed may not be produced on some hybrids, but if it is, the offspring won’t necessarily be the same as the parent, takes about 4 years to first blooms.

    Special features of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'

    Indoor plant

    Cover the soil of indoor containers, with pebbles, moss or a shade-tolerant groundcover, place pot in a warm, but not hot, semi-shady position. It needs bright light.

    Pot plant

    Plant individually into small pots or group in larger pots spaced 20-30cm appart, use a good-quality, free-draining potting and soil mix.

    Other uses of Amaryllis 'Sonatini Amico'


    Many hybrids make spectacular flowers, sold as pot plants around Christmas time(Southern hemisphere).