A picture of a False Sesame

False Sesame

Ceratotheca spp.

Dicerocaryum senecioides flower by Ton Rulkens (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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A photo of False Sesame
A photo of False Sesame
A photo of False Sesame

False Sesame Overview

Genus containing around 5 species with hairy stems and pink-purple or white, tubular blooms with paler throats compared to the rest of the flower. These may be annual or short-lived perennial species with branching, erect growth habits and sometimes woody stems. Some species may grow along the ground surface without rooting, this is termed procumbent. Foliage is oppositely arranged and varies in shape, it may be 3-lobed, circular, oval, heart, triangular, kidney or lance-shaped. This genus is called polymorphic as within a species there may be plants with different visual appearances, termed morphs or forms. This variation is in appearance only and genetically these plants can reproduce, hence are still within the same species, despite looking different.