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A picture of a Okukato Lekadi

Okukato Lekadi

Tavaresia barklyi

Also known as

Olukato Lendume

Full Sun
Moderate care


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Okukato Lekadi

Ernst van Jaarsveld.
Tavaresia flower inside
Tavaresia barklyi stem
Ernst van Jaarsveld.
Tavaresia plant

Okukato Lekadi Overview

The neat appearance of the ribbed stems furnished with bristles at first reminds one of a cactus, but when the bizarre trumpet-shaped flowers appear, one realizes that it is not. These large, trumpet (tubular) flowers are characteristic of the genus while the many-ribbed stems are characteristic of the species.

Special features of Okukato Lekadi

Pot plant

Indoor plant

Other uses of Okukato Lekadi