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A picture of a Fan Palms

Fan Palms

Chamaerops spp.

Also known as


Chamaerops humilis nana by Stickpen (CC0)

Full Sun
Light watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size





More images of Fan Palms

A photo of Fan Palms
A photo of Fan Palms
A photo of Fan Palms
A photo of Fan Palms
A photo of Fan Palms

Fan Palms Overview

Chamaerops is a genus with only 1 accepted palm species, Chamaerops humilis. This genus is thus termed monotypic and its known commonly as Fan Palms. The sole species is known by multiple names, including the Mediterranean Dwarf Palm and the European Fan Palm. It grows in a creeping fashion, usually no higher than 5m and spreads through underground rhizomes. This species is interesting in that its half-hardy, an unusual trait for palm species. Thus is may be grown effectively in temperate conditions and it has been bred to produce different cultivar varieties. Flowers are delicate, small, usually yellow and produced densely on short spikes amongst the leaf bases.

Common problems with Fan Palms

How to propagate Fan Palms


Seed in spring at not less than 22C.


By suckers in late in late spring.

Special features of Fan Palms

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Fan Palms

Overall appearance. Suitable for coastal conditions.


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