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A picture of a Pepper Plant

Pepper Plant

Piper spp.

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Also known as

Pepper Vine, Pepper

Piper aduncum by João Medeiros (CC BY 2.0)

Partial Shade
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

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A close up of a green Piper plant with a white flower
A photo of Pepper Plant
A close up of a Piper plant with green leaves
A photo of Pepper Plant
A photo of Pepper Plant

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Rare Aroid, Piper Sylvaticum unrooted cutting, 1 leaf


Rare Aroid, Piper Sylvaticum unrooted cutting, 1 leaf


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Pepper Plant Overview

Piper is a large genus containing approximately 2155 species in the pepper family, Piperaceae. These may be herbaceous, shrubs, trees, climbers, scramblers or rarely epiphytes and they have a pantropical distribution. Plants in the Piperaceae family may be distinguished by their dense flower spikes with symmetrical, tiny flowers lacking petal and sepal structures, but with a modified leaf structure surrounding, termed a bract. Some species are termed monoecious and thus produce male and female flowers on the same plant. Other species in this genus are dioecious, these produce male and female flowers on individual plants. Plants in the genus Piper are characterised by the possession of swollen nodes and leaf-like structures, termed prophylls. Some have hollow stems and grow mutualistically with ant colonies, these plants are termed "ant pipers", for example Piper cenocladum. Foliage is alternately arranged on stems and leaves may be lobed near the base in some species. These plants tend to have heart-shaped bases to their leaves, however leaf shape is variable across species. This genus contains the well-known Peppercorn Plant, Piper nigrum, which produces fruits, termed Peppercorns, from which the spice black pepper is created. Some species are reported to have antimicrobial activity.

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How to propagate Pepper Plant


You can propagate from seed, by cuttings.




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