A picture of a Scarlet Elf Cap Mushroom

Scarlet Elf Cap Mushroom

Sarcoscypha coccinea

Also known as

Scarlet Elf Cup, The Scarlet Cup

Sarcoscypha coccinea 74716 by here (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Shade
Moderate watering

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A photo of Scarlet Elf Cap Mushroom
Sarcoscypha coccinea, Salles-la-Source (Matthieu Gauvain)

Scarlet Elf Cap Mushroom Overview

Sarcoscypha coccinea is an edible fungus species in the Sarcoscyphaceae family. Common names include Scarlet Elf Cup, referring to the appearance of the fruiting bodies. It grows best in temperate climates, with present recordings being from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. This fungus grows well in areas where decaying wood is abundant, typically restricting itself to the damper, shaded areas of the forest floor. Its bright red interior, small fruitings and jelly-like texture put most people off eating this fungus. Although inedible for humans, it serves as a key resource for rodents and slugs. This fungus was once used for medicinal purposes by Oneida Native Americans. Likewise, in European folklore, it was once thought that woodland elves drank the morning dew from the cup-like fruiting bodies!