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A picture of a Mo's Gold

Mo's Gold

Helichrysum argyrophyllum

Also known as

Golden Guinea Everlasting, Vaalsewejaartjie

Helichrysum argyrophyllum by Nicola van Berkel (

Full Sun
Moderate care


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature


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A photo of Mo's Gold
A photo of Mo's Gold

Mo's Gold Overview

This plant originates in the Eastern Cape. It favours dry places and bare, open, hard ground and grasslands. It is often found growing amongst rocks. This plant is quite adaptable as it grows in both summer and winter rainfall regions, so although it comes from a summer rainfall area, it grows well in the Cape fynbos region.

Special features of Mo's Gold

Drought resistant

Pot plant

Foliage | Special Effects

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African Lily

Agapanthus spp.

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