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A picture of a Wild Gingers

Wild Gingers

Asarum spp.

Also known as

Wild Ginger, Asarabacca

Asarum caudatum by Stickpen (CC0)

Full Shade
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size





More images of Wild Gingers

A close up of some leaves of a Asarum plant
A photo of Wild Gingers
A close up of a pot of Asarum with red and white flowers and green leaves
A close up of some flowers of an Asarum plant
A photo of Wild Gingers

Wild Gingers Overview

Asarum is a genus containing around 121 small, perennial species characterised by their kidney-shaped foliage and small red-brown flowers. Commonly known as Wild Ginger, these species have spicy-scented underground rhizomes. The leaves are oppositely arranged and grow from an underground rhizome and flowering occurs in spring. They are distributed in temperate areas with high species diversity in Eastern Asia and North America. This genus lies in the birthwort family, Aristolochiaceae.

Common problems with Wild Gingers

How to propagate Wild Gingers


Propagation is by division in the spring.


It will self seed readily.

Special features of Wild Gingers

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Wild Gingers

Excellent ground cover