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A picture of a Liriope


Liriope spp.

Liriope muscari - Floraison-2 by Denis.prévôt (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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A photo of Liriope
A photo of Liriope
A photo of Liriope
Liriope muscari - Fleurs-2
Liriope muscari - Fleurs-5


A genus of 6 species of evergreen herbaceous perennial flowering plants in the Asparagaceae family originating from Eastern and Southeastern Asia. They have clumps of grass-like leaves and dense, slender spikes of tiny spherical purple-blue or white flowers in Summer. Commonly known as lilyturf they are cultivated as groundcover for shady areas and there are many cultivars available including varieties with attractive variegated foliage.