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A picture of a Pellaea


Pellaea spp.

Pellaea viridis Ferndale Park by Poyt448, Peter Woodard (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Pellaea andromedifolia 2
Pellaea breweri 2
A photo of Pellaea
Pellaea rotundifolia 080622 061 Pj


A genus of around 18 species of fern in the Pteridaceae family with a wide distribution from the Americas to Africa and Australasia. Members of this genus go by the common name cliffbrake and are evergreen or deciduous tufted ferns with divided, pinnate fronds subdivided into smaller leaflets. Cultivated forms include the compact button fern that forms flattened rosettes with green leaflets and contrasting pink-brown stems. These ferns require an ericaceous soil an protection from frost.