A picture of a Blighia


Blighia spp.

Blighia sapida seso vegetal by Michael Hermann (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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A photo of Blighia
A photo of Blighia
A photo of Blighia
Some sliced Blighia seeds

Blighia Overview

Blighia is a small genus with 3 evergreen tree species in the Sapindaceae family. They produce foliage divided into an evenly pinnate arrangement, composed of pairs of leaflets. These are found across tropical climates in Africa and may grow to 20m in height. They produce flowers from unbranched stems called racemes, this triangular-shaped structure is a form of unbranched inflorescence where the oldest flowers are formed at the base and new blooms from the top. Flowers are 5-petalled and yellow or green-white in colour. These lead onto capsule fruits measuring 4-8cm long, with 3 seeds inside, surrounded by a fleshy coating and a thicker, leathery red-orange skin.