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A picture of a Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades'

Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades'

Dahlia (10: Misc DwB Group) 'Figaro Red Shades'

Full Sun
Moderate care
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








6 months to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades' Overview

Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades' is a variant in the Figaro series of dwarf bedding dahlia's. Producing semi double flowers in a mixture of red shades, this plant is perfect for summer bedding displays in beds and borders, they can also be used in pots or baskets. Regular watering and cutting flowers from this plant will improve performance. These plants have a dwarf growing habit; however, pinching out the growing tips in early summer will help it develop a bushier plant. The genus Dahlia contains around 20,000 cultivars are predominantly derived from D. pinnata and D. coccinea. Most Dahlias are divided into groups based on the form of their flower heads, from dwarf varieties to tall bushes and even tree specimens.

Common problems with Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades'

Dahlia tend to be affected by fungal diseases such as powdery mildew or grey mould if planted in poorly draining soil.

How to harvest Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades'

Flowers can be cut for floral arrangements as required.

How to propagate Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades'


In spring take soft-wood cuttings from the shoots appearing from stored tubers.


Lifted clumps of Dahlia's can be divided in late winter, ensuring each section has an 'eye' (growing tip).


In early spring, sow seeds 0.5 cm deep into trays of pre-soaked compost. Place the tray in a sunny, warm position, keeping the temperature between 15 - 20 C. Seedlings should appear between 14 to 28 days. When large enough, prick out and replant 5 cm apart. Grow these on in slightly cooler conditions and acclimatise young plants ready to be planted out 30 cm apart as soon as the last frost has passed.

Special features of Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades'

Attractive flowers

Brings colour to the garden during autumn months.

Attracts useful insects

It attracts beneficial pollinators such as butterflies, bees and moths.

Pot plant

Can be grown in large containers.

Other uses of Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades'

Suits beds & borders of formal or informal gardens. It can also be grown for cut flowers on allotments or veg gardens. Equally happy in containers.

Plants for Early Autumn

A selection of colour for your garden that will last right up to the first frosts.

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