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Seedball - Artist Meadow

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  • Great for helpful insects

  • Great for butterflies

  • Great for bees

  • Contains toxic parts

Wall To Wall Plants

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Included Plants

Also known as

Field Poppy, African Rose, Blind-Eyes, Blue-Eyes, Canker, Canker Rose, Cheese Couls, Cheese Cowl

Also known as

Moon Daisy, Margueritte, Big Daisy, Bull Daisy, Dog Daisy, Dun Daisy, Espibawn, Field Daisy

Also known as

Musk Okra, Ornamental Okra, Ambrette

Also known as

Bachelor's Buttons, Black Soap, Blue Buttons, Blue Caps, Clodweed, Egyptian Rose, Gypsies' Rose, Gypsy Rose

Also known as

Red Catchfly, English Maiden, Adder's Flower, Red Cockle, Poor Robin, Red Lychnis, Robins, Ragged Jack

Also known as

Queen Anne's Lace, Cow Weed, Deil's Meal, Keck, Mock Chervil, Orchard Weed, Wild Caraway, Wild Chervil

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