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Gift Box Collection - An Essential Vegetable Selection

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  • Great for bees

  • Thrives in pots

  • Great for helpful insects

Pennard Plants

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Included Plants

Also known as

Cabbage Lettuce, Celtuce, Garden Lettuce, Common Lettuce

Also known as

French Bean, Green Bean, Common Haricot, Dwarf Bean, Frash Bean, Garden Bean, Haricot Bean, Kidney Bean

Also known as

Beet, Common Beet, Mangel, Mangel wurzel, Mangold, Sugar beet, Sea beet, Spinach beet

Also known as

Zucchini, Marrow, Vegetable Marrow

Also known as

Gherkin, Khira, Cornichons

Also known as

Pumpkin, Courgette, Squash, Gourd, Marrow

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