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Penguin/Air Plant Terrarium Kit DIY

United Kingdom
Your very own cutest little King Penguin. This penguin terrarium kit includes all you need to create a little penguin beach. Your kit will include: 1 x 10cm x 10cm Glass globe terrarium, flat bottom base. 1 x Bag of sand 1 x Bag small stones 2 x Reindeer moss, light and dark green 1 x Air Plant 1 x King Penguin 1 x DIY instructions There is an option to add on small 10ml spray bottle to mist your air plant, the 10ml spray bottle holds about 80 sprays. Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm, approx 250g * Air plants don't require soil to grow, they absorb food and nutrients through the air. * Terrariums are hardy little habitats and will only need a little tending to.
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