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Syngonanthus Chrysanthus 'Mikado' With White Pot

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Potsize (diameter): Plastic nursery pot 9 cm. Approx Height: 25 cm. Supplied in the decorative pot photographed, we have a few different pots available so check out our other listings. Wacky, weird and wonderful! The Mikado's slender velvety leaves surround long stems which end in tiny golden balls. These balls are actually flower buds which will erupt in to dainty white flowers. Native to swamps in Southeastern Brazil, this plant needs warmth, light and humidity to thrive. Care: Light: Bright but indirect light. Water: Prefers the soil to be kept lightly moist - do not allow the plant to dry out completely. We recommend watering from the bottom to avoid any mould issues with consistently damp top soil. Feed: Use a diluted feed during the growing season. Humidity: Mikado prefer to be kept in a humid environment, making kitchens and bathrooms ideal.
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Syngonanthus chrysanthus 'Mikado'

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