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Faucaria tuberculosa

United Kingdom
This clump forming succulent can reach up to 15cm tall. Its foliage forms in opposite pairs with a triangular – ovate from when looked on from above, if looked on by the side it comes across as a snapping crocodile. This comes about due to the scattered white tubercles over the upper surface and edged with soft white structures that look like teeth. You will receive a plant that is approximately 2-4 inch high (5-10cm), with a developed root system. All our succulents are grown in our specifically designed Greenhouse. Plant likes a sunny position in well-drained soil, can be put outside in summer months but during the rest of the year bring indoors. We have a full care guide for all our succulents on the Nurseries website. Size of Succulent you receive may vary in size from pictures shown. We aim to get your plants to you in the best condition possible. To do this we remove all soil from the roots, to prevent fungal issues and damping off. We then carefully wrap your plant in tissue paper, securely, so to reduce the risk of damage in transit. All plants will have a digitally printed label attached to them, ready to put in with the plant when re potting/planting. Plants will be delivered by Courier or Royal Mail depending on which service can get the plants to you as quickly as possible. We will aim to send all plants in parcels that are proportionate to the product size.