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Japanese Larch Tree (Larix Leptolepis)

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The Japanese Larch indicates a time of connection and rejuvenation by seeing the larger world around us also lives within us. In the Tungus Evenki language of Siberia, the larch tree was called Tuuru, meaning“World Tree.” It was seen as a cosmic ladder that connected Earth to the North Star. This is the perfect tree to celebrate love * Fast growing * Leaves are light green, soft and needle-like * Foilage | Deciduous * Can reach 40ft in height * Plant in sunny location * Spacing 100cm * Acid soil | tolerant Alkaline |less tolerant * Soil | moist - well drained CARE * Once delivered open immediately * If bare roots seem dry, place in tray of water for 30 minutes * Prepare soil before planting with fertiliser *. Always water before planting * Avoid planting when soil is too wet or frozen PACKAGING All our trees are packed in eco friendly postal tubes and letterbox envelops. We send you a wish card with every tree to plant with your wish and your tree. If you send us your location of planting we will add this to our google map. We add rose quartz to all our wishing cards to bring the recipient love. We also hope whatever you wish for comes true and makes your world greener. DONATING For every tree purchased from MY WISH TREE - we will donate £1 to have a tree planted where they are most needed through a charitable planting organisation. Please follow our tree planting progress made with our donations. MESSAGE If you would like to add a message - please add in your cart. Perfect add on gift The Black Cherry candle.
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Japanese Larch

Larix kaempferi


Karamatsu, Larch

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