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Suttons Lettuce Seeds OutREDgeous

Approved Suttons seeds retailer. Average Packet Contents 200 seeds Grown from seed on the International Space Station Easy to grow - even in low light conditions Beautiful red colour and sweet taste A world first The first plant to be grown from seed, harvested and eaten in space, Lettuce Outredgeous is so easy to grow that it's out of this world! We’ve been struggling not to burst with excitement over this lettuce since the day we heard about it…and now we’re bringing it to your gardens. This stunning, red romaine variety is a great colour for adding to salads and has a sweet crunch – and did we mention that it’s been grown in space?! Harvest late May-late October. Height 20-30cm (8-12"); spread 20-30cm (8-12"). This stunning deep plum red lettuce is part of the romaine lettuce family, making it the perfect crisp crunch in a more exciting version of a Caesar salad. These easy to grow, blushing leaves have a sweet flavour, and can be grown in low light conditions. Perfect if your garden isn’t south-facing. One of the most exciting things about Outredgeous is that it was the very first plant to be grown in space from seed and eaten as a food for astronauts. For many years, NASA have been looking into how to supplement astronauts’ diets with fresh produce, and lettuce Outredgeous so easy to germinate that it can even be done in space. NASA’s Veg-01 plant experiment with this very lettuce produced a yield, and it’s the first edible crop. Its space story helps make this lettuce popular with kids too, so it’ll even make those dinnertime salads great fun. Harvest late May-late October. Height 20-30cm (8-12"); spread 20-30cm (8-12"). Growing Information: Sow thinly into finely raked, warm, moist soil at a depth of 1.3cm (½") in rows about 30cm (12") apart (germination 6-12 days). Thin or transplant seedlings to 25cm (10") between plants. Lettuce grows best in a well-cultivated soil in a sunny position. Water freely during dry spells of weather.
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Lactuca sativa


Cabbage Lettuce, Celtuce, Garden Lettuce, Common Lettuce

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