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40-50 cm Pygmy Pineapple Ananas plant 'Ananas Comosus Amigo'

Glasgow, GB
This 'Amigo' Pineapple Plant will add interest to anyone that visits your home. This plant grows a pineapple in the center, bringing tropical twist and warmth in your living room. The fruits are smaller, and a more bitter version of the pineapples you see in the supermarket. Although they're still edible, we don't recommend it!  This plant produces a single fruit in the center, which is further highlighted with beautiful foliage surrounding it.  These popular plants vary in availability across Europe, so grab one while you can!  For care for this Central American Plant, put in in a spot with indirect light. Any bright direct light may cause the foliage to dry out. Water this plant once a week in the summer and every 10 days in the winter. As a rule of thumb, try not to water him unless the first 2-5 cm of soil as dried out. Overwatering may cause root rot.  This plant is safe for pets and children.   


Ananas spp.

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